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Learning & Training with ThinkAccess


ThinkAccess believes that the blind can not only lead the blind, but the blind can teach the blind. There are great blind instructors around the world, and we will put you in touch with some of the best in the business.


Our goal is to create and sustain a community where people needing assistance in learning can get help from a knowledgeable tech support staff and instructors.


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This site is for you, and driven by you. The subscriptions you pay will be used to pay the staff and keep this site up and running.


We will offer different levels of service, one of which should meet your needs without breaking your bank.


As the customer base changes, so will we, so we need your input. Email us at, and tell us what needs you have.

Here are the levels we will offer:


Level 1: FREE web reference material.

There are some great sites out there. We will compile a list of them, and some other links that may be of help to quench your thirst for knowledge.


Level 2: Live and not so live Tech Support.

We will gather frequently asked questions. These questions and answers will be group by device or operating system for easy navigation.


We will also offer live tech support using the TeamTalk 5 client. The length of time the staff member will be available, and what the staffer specializes in, will depend on the membership. We hope to have the staffer available for you when it suits your schedule. This will mean contacting us with your needs, and giving us a little time to schedule a time that is good for the majority. The more members we have, the more tech support we can offer.


Level 3: Live classes

We will have live classes using the TeamTalk 5 client. These classes will mostly be on assistive technology, but can be on Braille, or home management areas if we get a good response.


The classes will be recorded and archived for future listening and reference.


Level 4: 1 on 1 Instruction

For you people out there that learn better 1 on 1, our last level will offer private Instruction with an instructor of your choosing, provided they accept the assignment.



With the level you choose, it  will include all levels under it. So if you Choose level 3, you will get levels 1 & 2 along with it. Yes, level 4 will include levels 1, 2, & 3.


Individual hourly credits can be purchased without having to subscribe to level 4.


Level 1: Free, zilch, nada, nuttin.

Level 2: $10 per month, or $60 per year(Regular price is $100 per year).

Level 3: $25 per month or $150 per year (Regular Price is $250 per year).

Level 4: $75 per month (2 credit hours), or $500 per year (24 credit hours) (Regular price is $750 per year).

Individual credit hours cost $30 each.




Subscription Options

If you would like to be notified, please send me an email to


Please include your Name, email address, phone is optional, twitter is optional and face book is optional.


Also, if you have any questions, send an email to


If you would like to be considered for staff positions, email me at, and write a little bio of yourself and how you can help the cause.



The ThinkAccess Team